Meine Sprachreise nach Newbury, von Klara

Hey, I´m Klara, from Germany, and I was at Newbury hall for two weeks, this autumn 2017. I wanted to give a recommendation for everyone out there, who thinks about going to Newbury hall.  I´ve stayed in Newbury during my autumn holidays with one of my best friends from my hometown.
I was so excited and afraid to not finding contact with other people, so I was very happy to have my friend with me. For everyone, who is also afraid of not making friends or staying alone-you Newbruy Hallshouldn´t-everyone, who was there, at the time I was, made new friends, and I, personally, met amazing people, who I am still in contact with. When we arrived, I was very surprised, because it was so different, to what I had expected. We first went to the reception to check in and got a quick presentation about general information about the house and the staff. And I can tell you, the staff is super nice and understanding and you can always go to them, doesn´t matter if you are homesick or if you have any other issues. We got our key cards and went up to our rooms. You´ve probably seen pictures of the rooms on the Newbury hall website, and it´s pretty much like this. The rooms are quite small with little loft beds and an own bathroom. We went to the cafeteria for dinner in the evening and in my opinion, the food was pretty good. For lunch and for dinner the cooks are making warm meals and they are cooking traditional English breakfast with beans and sausages in the morning. In the next morning, we had our first classes from nine pa to 5:30 pm, with five to six students. You normally start with a conversation class, where you are walking around the city and ask and answer questions with a partner. Then you often have different subjects, like history or science or grammar and writing classes, but that always depends on the level of your class. At the first morning of every week you have to do a test, so that the teachers can sort you in the right class, but you can always change your class if you think, the level is too hard or too easy for you. For example, in my second week, we were only two people in my class and we mostly had to write essays or discuss about art, politics or history. So you can always say if you want to do for example more reading, writing or grammar and you can choose, which topics to discuss about. You are also doing a project every week that you have to present. For example, in the first week, we had to do a special power-point presentation about something we love and in the next week, we made a horror play with another class, where we had to write a script and act it out, what was first a bit shocking, but turned out to be very funny and cool. After school, we often hung out in the center of Newbury, because it actually has a lot of cool shops, a big shopping mall and some cute cafes, bookstores and parks. But if you aren´t interested in Newbury, you can also go on really cool trips to other cities. We went to Oxford, Winchester and Bath, which are amazing cities, especially Oxford. On those trips, you have the opportunity to go shopping, see many famous and interesting sights and eat a lot of good food. On our last day, we also had the chance to go to London, to visit universities or the city, but unfortunately, we had to fly back to Germany. As a conclusion, I can highly recommend going to Newbury hall, because I made great friends and amazing experiences with people from other countries and cultures. And you not only learn how to improve your English, you also learn how to meet new people and how to be independent.
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