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In this letter I want to tell you something about my Bournemouth journey, which was from the
24th of May to the 6th of June 2015. First of all, it was an absolutely great time there and I
can really recommend this school. Sprachreisen Brighton 13-17After my flight from Munich Airport to Heathrow, a nice taxi driver welcomed me and drove
London Ausflugme to my host family. Although the way was very long, the driver spoke with me nearly the
whole time. When I arrived at my host family, my host mother, Tanya, showed me the whole
house and spoke with me about the time and activities, which I will have in the next few
weeks. After this my host family and I ate a traditional dinner. This tasted very yummy. After
dinner my family went with me to Hengistbury Head, which was only 5 minutes away from
my home. There was an absolutely amazing view. On Monday, my host mother drove me to
school. There I had a placement test and I got to know all the other students. All of them
were very friendly and open-minded. I was the only pupil for the Young Learner course, so I
had a One-to-One class the whole time. This was very good, because I could improve very
well because of this situation. Every day, I had three morning classes and after lunch time I
had one or two lessons too. After the lessons I always did an activity. All of them were very
wonderful. The best afternoon activity was the trip to Durdle Door. This is a place near the
sea and it has just an amazing view. The best on Bournemouth was, that the sea was very
near to the school. The friendliest person I got to know there was Lilibeth. She was my
teacher in the afternoon lessons and did all the afternoon activities with me. Also we spoke
very much and about many different topics, which was a very good opportunity to improve
my English in practise. The best situation in this language course was that Lilibeth took me to
her home on some afternoons. There we baked some scones, a traditional food in England.
After baking, she introduced me to her family. The whole family was very nice and friendly
and made me feel very welcome and comfortable. The most interesting topic in the lessons
was the six wives of King Henry the 6th.
My host family was very nice. Every evening we watched TV together and spoke a lot. The
best was that all of them made me feel very comfortable and nice. The best food there was
the traditional food, because I didn’t eat something like this before.


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