Sprachreise Brighton für Schüler ab 16

I was just two weeks at the language school in Brighton but it was a wonderful time. All people in the
school were very friendly and they helped you by totally every question and problem you had.
The classes were nice too because the teacher were not as formal as in Germany. They always said that we should call them by their first name. We had laughed much and had much fun in
class. We, the students, were asked by the teachers if we have fun to do something or not before we talked about a theme.
The students were very nice too. I know I use frequently this comprehension with nice but I think so. All was nice and beautiful. I have made lots of friends with who I went out in the afternoon or evening after school. We are still in contact. And it is cool to see how it is to live and study in other countries. My host family, my second one, was very nice and friendly. At the end it was like a second home for me. We talked and sit much together and had much fun. They made me a wonderful birthday which I will never forget. It was and is unforgettable.
I liked and like it and so I said to my friends that something like this is a wonderful experience ehre
you can meet friends and learn others culture, religion or if you want a bit of their own language. So all in all is it a good option to make if you are not good in a language. In this case when you are not as good in English as you want. It was a wonderful experience and time.
So that is my feedback even though short but I do not know how I should write all down.
Julia Grosse
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