Travel Report – Sprachreise Malta

As soon as we arrived at the airport in Malta a very nice guide showed us the way to  our bus and gave us some important information about our following week in Malta. The bus took us to our Hotel , which is called Howard. In the Hotel a friendly Leader showed us the Hotel and our room. After that we met some new friends and explored the area around the Howard Hotel. On Monday was our first day at school and we all were very excited. In our first lesson we wrote a little test because the teachers need to know how good our English skills are. After that we had a break. In our second lesson we were in our new courses. We had a very nice and friendly teacher, her name was Lorena but we had her just for one day. After school and in the evenings we often had cool activities. For example on Monday evening we went to a very cool UV—light party. Every morning we had breakfast in our Hotel. In school for lunch we get a lunch packet and in the evening we went to a restaurant and eat there. The food was very tasty. The lessons were very relaxed and interesting. It was so cool because we talked a lot with people from other countries. At Tuesday we get a new teacher her name was Therese. She was also very very nice.

In our hotel the leaders were also very friendly. There we met a very nice leader from Germany  his name was Felix. From our hotel to our school we had to walk 15 minutes every morning but it was a good chance to see more from the country  Malta. In our free time we often went to the beach or go shopping in a cool shopping center. On Saturday we went to the blue Logoon – this was the best trip in this week. We took a boat to get to the lagoon. As soon as we arrived at the blue lagoon everybody was just taking pictures of the water because it looks  fantastic. The water was very blue and clear. There were very beautiful cliffs and grottes. This was my last trip because a bus took us to the airport very early in the morning. At the airport we had enough time to check in and eat something.

This was a very great time in Malta and one of the best experience in my life so far.

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